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Carl's World - Music Productions started in 2015 and specializes in audio engineering, corporate consultancy, education and music production

Carl's World - Music Productions is a modern and innovative company that provides professional and creative services in audio engineering, music education and music production.


Reaching your goals in music does not have to be as expensive or complicated as you might think. We offer a unique and original approach to help you reach your goals. Instead of focusing on expensive plugins and equipment we help you succeed with knowledge and equipment that is already availible. The main focus is on understanding basic studio and audio theory, such as microphone placements, EQ and general equipment to its maximum potential.


A very important aspect for us is that our customers both understand and learn everything during our work process. Therefor we also offer educational courses in music theory, music production, guitar and audio engineering.


Flexability is the key at Carl's World and we tailor our cooperation to each client's needs. If any problems or disatisfaction accour during our project together, we will continue with the project until both parties are happy and satisfied.



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